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Detecting a Cell Using Image Segmentation

An object can be easily detected in an image if the object has sufficient contrast from the background. In this example, the cells are prostate cancer cells.

Step 1: Read Image

Read in the cell.tif image, which is an image of a prostate cancer cell.

I = imread('cell.tif');
figure, imshow(I), title('original image');
text(size(I,2),size(I,1)+15, ...
    'Image courtesy of Alan Partin', ...
text(size(I,2),size(I,1)+25, ....
    'Johns Hopkins University', ...

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Why you must design your private API in english

Why you must design your private API in english.
Pourquoi vous devez concevoir votre API privée en anglais.
Perché è necessario progettare la vostra API privata in inglese.
Por qué debe diseñar su API privada en Inglés.
Deshalb müssen Sie Ihre private API in Englisch entwerfen.

As you might have guess, this post targets people designing APIs in non english speaking countries. When you design an API there are many little things that you risk to forget or not take into account, especially when this API is private/internal, and later you may bitterly regret it. Choosing a language for your API is one of them.

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Hello World!

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The API Handyman blog is about sharing my views and experiences on the API field from both provider and consumer points of view with (I hope) a pragmatic and unvarnished approach. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts and I’m looking forward to your feedback and comments.